Welcome to Volunteering!

Make a difference in our profession – volunteer!

ARMA International is the community of records management, information management, and information governance professionals who harness the benefits and reduce the risks of information.  This community is supported by member volunteers who share their time, talent and knowledge for the advancement of the profession and organization.  By volunteering, members also have the opportunity to advance their own skills and professional development.  See below for a variety of member volunteer opportunities available.

As well, please complete your Volunteer Profile.  This will help us know what kind of volunteer opportunities you are interested in.

Going forward, you will receive email alerts when we think you'll be a good fit for a new volunteer opportunity.  Thanks again for volunteering to volunteer. It is the first step on meaningful contributions to our organization and local communities.

ARMA Committee:
Review the Volunteer Opportunities List and consider volunteering for the opportunities now forming. For a list of ARMA's Committees, click here

Become a Contributor:

Interested in writing an article or presenting on a webinar for ARMA International? Use your subject matter expertise to help shape and develop professional resources for your peers. Click here for more information.

Conference Education Management Group (CEMG):

Volunteers for the Conference Education Management Group (CEMG) will participate in two major parts of shaping conference educational content:

  • Session Selection: Starting in February, the CEMG will begin evaluating session proposal submissions for inclusion in ARMA’s InfoCon 2022.
  • Session Curation: Once sessions are selected, CEMG members will work with speakers to ensure timely, polished completion of various conference deliverables. CEMG members help to ensure that each session offers a topnotch learning experience for InfoCon attendees. Session curation will begin in May and run through InfoCon 2022 in October.

Local Chapter:

Volunteer with a local chapter, volunteering with a chapter is the perfect way to advance your professional skills and network.  Contact one near you.