New Chapter Officer Welcome Page

Welcome New Chapter Leaders!

Some of you maybe coming into your position at the beginning of the fiscal year with being elected into your position. Others maybe have been appointed or taking over a new position mid-year. Chapter Central is here to help you with the organization and running of your ARMA chapter. 

As new chapter leaders, three communications in which you will want to pay special attention to are:

Chapter Connections

Sent the last Friday of each month

Specific information about ARMA that you will need as a chapter leader. 


Sent the 2nd Tuesday of each month

Goes to all ARMA Members, and has important member information. Helping your chapter members understand these items is helpful. 

Education in Motion

Sent each Monday

This has information on upcoming and/or new education items from ARMA International. 

Resources for chapter leaders:

Chapter Officer Forum
: This discussion area connects you to all chapter officers and leaders for ARMA International.  Ask your fellow chapter leaders for advise or ideas on how they handle something.  Find out information from your peers about what other chapters are doing. You need to make sure you are logged into your myARMA account.  If you are experiencing problems getting connected to this area, email 

Chapter Central
Templates, ideas, videos on previous discussions, etc. Lots of resources are located here on Chapter Central. 

Chapter Advisory Committee:
Each chapter is assigned a rep from the Chapter Advisory Committee.  To reach out to the committee you can email, or fill out this form

Chapter Advisor Office Hours
: Time for any chapter leader to drop in to ask questions of the chapter advisory committee. 

Monthly Discussion Topics
: Topics designated each month to help your chapter in different areas of operation and leadership development. Check out the events calendar on Chapter Central to find the upcoming topics, dates, and times.