Financial Resources

Chapters thrive...

When they are fiscally successful.

In this section, we focus on the tools you need to ensure your chapter is fiscally sound.

Treasurer Resources


The following resources will assist your chapter in their yearly budgeting process.

Chapter Escrow

Chapter Escrow contains all chapter payments receive for new and renewing membership for the previous month (Example: Funds received on October 15th were for all dues collected in the month of September).

Chapter escrow funds are only available via direct deposit.  To enroll in direct deposit please fill out this form Additionally if you have a change to your banking information please let us know by filling out the same form.

An important fact to note, there are times when a member does not join a chapter during their normal renewal period. They are still able to join a chapter through ARMA International. When they do join the chapter after they have joined ARMA, the chapter dues amount will be pro-rated based off of the number of months they have remaining in their ARMA membership. When they are invoiced for their membership renewal it will be for both the ARMA and chapter members at the full amount.

Chapter Federal Taxes 990:

ARMA International partners with  All U.S. chapters should e-file their necessary IRS 990 tax forms with this platform.  ARMA has put together a Form 990 FAQ for Chapters document that contains all the information you need to know in order to complete this process.

With the start of the new fiscal year, US chapters will need to file their IRS 990 Form.  Information on filing this report will be sent to the treasurer and president for the fiscal year that the reporting covers.  For example, if the report is for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, the report will be sent to the president and the treasurer for the 2021-2022 fiscal year to be completed. This reporting needs to be completed between July 1st and November 15th each year. 

Chapter W-9:

A W-9 is something your chapter should have on file. It has the chapter FEIN and should be signed by a chapter officer. If you are not in possession of a a recent copy (recent being within the last 6 months), you can download the form from the IRS website, fill it out and sign it.  It is good to have a recent W-9 on file for your chapter's programming efforts as many facilities, vendors and sponsors will require a copy.

Safe Guards/Financial Review Guidelines:

Suggested Safe Guards

  1. Require two signatures on all checks.
  2. Require supporting information from your treasurer to support all financial reports. Attach copies of supporting bank statements, etc., that validate the numbers reported.
  3. Require more than one individual to regularly review bank statements.
  4. Require more than one individual to have access to online bank and financial information.
  5. Use extreme caution if your chapter has a credit or debit card. If you do have one, be sure that numbers 2, 3, and 4 above are in place.
  6. It is encouraged that the chapter due a financial review each year after the close of the fiscal year.

Sample Financial Forms:

These sample forms can be used to guide your chapter's financial practices. Feel free to download these and modify them to fit your chapter's needs.


You may want to waive or discount the chapter dues for a prospective member's or student's first year to get them on your chapter roster and distribution list. To do this you need to notify HQ by email ( who these individuals are and that the chapter wants to waive the dues. They will then show up on your next roster and during their renewal process they will be invoiced for both the association and chapter dues.