Chapter Reporting

Along with the new chapter year comes some yearly reporting responsibilities. See below for additional details.

IRS 990 Forms:

With the start of the new fiscal year, US chapters will need to file their IRS 990 Form.  Information on filing this report will be sent to the treasurer and president for the fiscal year that the reporting covers.  For example, if the report is for the 2021-2022 fiscal year, the report will be sent to the president and the treasurer for the 2021-2022 fiscal year to be completed. This reporting needs to be completed between July 1st and November 15th each year. 

Chapter Leadership Rosters:

Every chapter needs to please submit a full roster of Chapter Officers for the next upcoming fiscal year. This can be done online by filling out the form on the Chapter Board of Directors Information page. This form should only be submitted once annually at the beginning of each fiscal year. Please have these forms submitted for your chapter by July 1st of each year.

Chapter Dues Update Form:

Each chapter has the right to charge what they determine is appropriate for membership in the chapter. Any changes to your chapter dues must be submitted to ARMA online through the Chapter Dues Update Form. This form should only be submitted for any changes made to your chapter dues at the beginning of a new fiscal year. If your chapter dues are remaining the same no form needs to submitted.

The deadline to submit all dues changes is by June 1st annually.

Please note that all members of a respective chapter will be charged the same dues amount established by that chapter, regardless of individual membership level.